Kick-Off Party at St. Moritz` famous Dracula Club  

Style meets Speed

Summer is slowly fading away and we have just slightly more than 2 weeks to go for the 2017 Bernina Gran Turismo edition.

As you probably might know already, on Thursday night the 21st of September, 2017, the world-famous Dracula Club in St. Moritz opens up for us exclusively! The Bernina Kick-Off Party at the coolest club around.

For those who don’t know the Dracula Club: Famed entrepreneur and colourful cosmopolite Gunter Sachs opened the world famous Club in the 1970s and soon it became the epicenter of the St. Moritz Nightlife and the international Jet Set. Today, his son Rolf Sachs, a well-known artist and designer, presides the private club which is only open to members and their friends in winter, as well as for the club’s own “Festival da Jazz” in summer. The Bernina Gran Turismo Kick-Off Party in September is the only possibility for “mere mortals” like us to get into the infamous Dracula Club.

We are extremely thankful to those people at the Dracula Club who made it possible and who want to team up with us for the coming years.

It is said that Gunter Sachs was a very pleasant bon viveur, a gentleman who enjoyed his life, very often in public. He brought a lot of friends, partners and people who had the same life philosophy to St. Moritz and changed the place for ever. Back then they were like not totally grown-up boys, enjoying life at the fullest and letting other people take part.

This sounds pretty familiar for the classic motoring & racing movement. It was the dedication to motorsports and the thrill of life what made car racing so fascinating back then! Don’t we want this time back, at least for some days? For an event amongst fellow enthusiasts who share the same view?

Today the artist and designer Rolf Sachs is equally important as an ambassador for St Moritz. As man of taste and style, Rolf Sachs says: ”The waiting list to become a member of the Dracula Club is long. It is a gathering point for friends and it is essential to know at least half of the people there.”

Bernina Gran Turismo follows the same principle: An exclusive but friendly gathering of motorsports enthusiasts from around the world. Hosted by one of the most beautiful places in the world.


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