Grand Hotel Kronenhof


Grand Hotel Kronenhof, located in Pontresina, is the closest location to the Bernina Pass and the race. We have partnered up with this beautiful Hotel and and received premium prices for our guests. Please say that you are joining the Bernina Gran Turismo race when you make your Booking. Alternatively you are free to choose any other Hotel you like.

To Book please go to or call +41 81 830 30 30 and state the Booking Code ‘Bernina Gran Turismo’

Grand Hotel Kronenhof has a rich and interesting history, having first opened its doors in the first half of the 19th century as a guesthouse. However, the main part of the current building, which is a registered historical landmark, was built at the very end of the 19th century in Neo-Baroque style. The Kronenhof spa is certainly one of the hotel’s highlights and has been named “the best Alpine spa” (according to Tyler Brule writing in the FT, November 2009). Facilities include a 20m indoor infinity pool with counter-current system, a flotation pool with underwater music, a wide range of saunas and steam rooms, a luxurious private suite for couples to enjoy wraps and massages together, and – for the perfect final touch – a crackling log fire in the relaxation room.

Gourmet cuisine is also a specialty at the Grand Hotel Kronenhof. Awarded the title of GaultMillau Hotel of the Year in 2009, it has three restaurants (the formal Grand Restaurant in an elegant Neo-Baroque vaulted room, Gourmet Restaurant Kronenstübli awarded 15 GaultMillau Points serving Italian-Mediterranean cuisine and the informal rustic Le Pavillon for light lunches. In addition, the kids’ restaurant Rondelle guarantees a delightful dinner experience for the little guests: from pizzas and pastas to more healthy food options, all served under the supervision of our childminder. On top of that, the Grand Hotel Kronenhof is renowned for its extensive children’s activities and facilities also offering family experiences including a horse carriage ride into the breathtaking Roseg Valley and surrounding areas or e-bike tours in the region.

Grand Hotel Kronenhof was the third Top Hotel in Switzerland in the 2015 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice® awards, having been named The World’s Top Hotel in the same awards in 2014, as well as being ranked Europe’s Top Hotel, Switzerland’s Top Hotel, the fifth best Luxury hotel in Europe, the second most Romantic hotel in Switzerland and the top Luxury hotel in Switzerland. Also this year, the hotel won a place in a list of the top 20 best holiday hotels in Switzerland compiled by renowned Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung and was named one of the top ten “Luxury Hotels” at the 2015 Switzerland Tourism PRIX BIENVENU awards. In 2014, Grand Hotel Kronenhof also won the Switzerland Tourism PRIX BIENVENU award as the most welcoming luxury hotel in Switzerland in 2014.

Albergo Ospizio Bernina

With pleasure we tell you about the 130 years story of our house. One touching sunrise or a romantic sunset in the mountains, or about the light of the full-moon or everything you can live at 2309 m.

Albergo Ospizio Bernina - Bernina Gran Turismo


Hotel u. Restaurant
7710 Ospizio Bernina
Tel +41 (0) 81 844 03 03
Fax +41 (0) 81 844 10 39

Albergo Croce Bianca

The “Albergo Croce Bianca” is a refreshing oasis in the middle of the Puschlav Mountains. It’s an ideal place for those seeking a peaceful refuge away from the stress of everyday life. A place for rejuvenation and relaxation, a place for you.

Via da Mez 178
CH – 7742 Poschiavo
Tel +41 81 844 01 44
Fax +41 81 844 12 70

Albergo Albrici

Experience history in a 17th Century Palace!

Our hotel on Poschiavo’s picturesque town square is the ideal place for people seeking a unique vacation experience. From the windows of our rooms you can watch the comings and goings of the village, at night the hours are marked by the bells from the neighbouring church. The delicious cuisine and mouth watering pizzas will make your visit unforgettable.

Plaza da Cumün 137
CH – 7742 Poschiavo
Tel +41 81 844 01 73
Fax +41 81 844 09 98

Support Teams and Mechanics

Please send us your Picture and Information and we will make you part of this Event!

1er-equipoEWAN CAMERON

Welcome to Cameron Racing Engines, we are a small precision engineering company and we specialise in Ministry of Defence work. To do this we’ve had to buy hugely expensive but very versatile Computer Numerically Controlled machines because there is no other way to achieve the required accuracy

The advantage of having these machines is that we can also make, to a standard not previously achievable and certainly not when they were in production, practically everything that might be needed for JAP engines (or anything similar) and the cars and bikes they powered. For example: Morgan, Cooper, Kieft, Emeryson, Brough Superior, Cotton, OK Supreme as well as most of the older Speedway and Grass track bikes.

We’ve probably cornered the World market! We can even make you a brand new Cooper, Morgan or Brough Superior SS100 if you’d like one and, because our family has been racing since them since 1958 we can guarantee that it will be stronger and more durable than the original.

To read all about us and these and the many other services we offer, please study our website carefully and get in contact with us if you have any questions, we enjoy helping any way we can and it’s great to make contact with other enthusiasts while we are at it.


Kronenhof Spa

Back to nature, back to the crystal clear mountain air… You will experience a true sense of wellbeing when you first arrive at Pontresina’s Grand Hotel Kronenhof. This is in no small part due to the wide, peaceful yet breath-taking valley, its pristine Swiss stone pine and larch forests and the magnificent view of the wild Roseg glacier.

The Kronenhof Spa of more than 2,000 square metres brings that natural freshness and renewing spirit indoors. No wonder, guests seeking to relax and restore their natural body-soul balance in an exclusive setting consider the Grand Hotel their place of choice.

Our team of professional cosmeticians and therapists are ready to regale you with exquisite treatments and treatment products of the highest quality, directly retrieved from nature.

You will feel it deep inside: As your stay draws to a close, your mind and body are at one with our all-empowering nature.

You can download here the Kronenhof Spa info:


As the weather in September can change very quickly from sunny to cold we would like you to be prepared for all the eventualities. The Paddock area is 2330m above sea level and the conditions might be extremely changeable; as this event will be for the real “hard racers” and true aficionados, you no doubt will be fully ready in case of rain and wind (in the first Edition in October we even had snow)! Support teams will have a dedicated room in the Ospizio where hot drinks and food will be available. As the paddock area is not covered we would suggest for you to bring your own tent for you and your car to work under.

Bernina Pass live web cam

Bernina in the Press

The Art Of Resurrecting A Classic Swiss Alpine Hill Climb

With the rise in vintage racing popularity, more and more events are being offered to petrolheads looking to drive the wheels off their old machines. While large scale events like the Goodwood Revival are premiere annual highlights, there are many smaller more intimate driving affairs popping up all over the globe.


2016 Bernina Gran Turismo

With its breathtaking mountain scenery, the Bernina Pass, near St Moritz, in Switzerland, is a wonderful setting. Its 16.5-kilometer tarmac slope is very twisty, but has few hairpin bends and therefore makes for a sweet and harmonious drive. It is, indeed, a dream to drive, penalized only by traffic and a stringent speed limit. Once a year, however, it hosts a magical event: the Bernina Gran Turismo.


This Is What It’s Like To Drive A Vintage Fiat-Abarth Up A Foggy Mountain

It’s not every day one gets to “‘haul ass” up a historic Swiss Alpine pass that’s been completely closed to traffic, much less while behind the wheel of a beloved classic car. But once a year, a small region of Switzerland—right near the Italian border—comes alive to the sound of vintage machines proving their mettle against the Bernina Pass and the sometimes-extreme weather.


The Bernina Gran Turismo Is The Swiss Alp Hillclimb You’ve Never Heard Of

In the late 1920s, the Engadine alpine valley region of Switzerland was treated to a number of annual hillclimb events, with drivers like Hans Stuck and Louis Chiron taking overall triumphs. Recently, our photographer Rosario Liberti was on hand to capture this reborn event that keeps gaining steam each year—this is the Bernina Gran Turismo, and it’s an enviable blend of both new and old.



Now in its second consecutive year of its modern running, JD Classics are once again pleased to continue their sponsorship of Bernina Gran Turismo in 2016. Situated in the Swiss Alps, the event was the creation of local classic car enthusiasts who wanted to recreate the period event run in the late 1920s/early 1930s. This year, a variety of sports and racing cars spanning from the 1920s to early 1980s took on the 5.6 kilometre run along the Bernina Pass from La Rosa and up to the Bernina Hospiz. Amongst the competitors were JD Classics who entered six cars comprising of their 1952 Jaguar C-Type, 1954 Cooper T33, 1972 Datsun 240Z and 1975 ex-Works Ford Escort RS1800. The powerful Ford Cologne Capri and Ford GT40 completed the line-up for 2016.


The Bernina Gran Turismo brings rallying back to the Engadin

In the 1920s and 1930s, drivers from all over Europe would make the pilgrimage to the Swiss Engadin to compete in the Bernina Mountain Race. In early October, the Bernina Gran Turismo will revive this tradition.


Successful Bernina Graturismo for JD

In the gorgeous surroundings of the Alps, JD Classics put in a strong performance at the historic racing calendar’s newest event – the revived Bernina Granturismo.


Bernina Gran Turismo – Swiss Classics Revue

Es gibt nur wenige historische Bergrennen, die den Kampf um die Bestzeit stipulieren und gleicheitig auf eine grosse Tradition zurückblicken können. Bernina Gran Turismo ist eine der Ausnahmen im Jahreskalender – dieses jahr zum zweiten Mal.


Bernina Gran Turismo 2016 – historische Rennwagen im Nebel

Es war beinahe gespenstig, als die Stille der eingenebelten Bergwelt vom Stampfen eines Achtzylinders und vom Kreischen eines Kompressors durchbrochen wurde. Zu sehen war nichts, bis aus dem Nebel ein herrlicher Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Zagato auftauchte und bald wieder im Weiss der feuchtkalten Wolken verschwand. Zu hören war er deutlich länger, als man ihn sehen konnte.


2016 Bernina Gran Turismo

Bernina Gran Turismo zum Zweiten. Stimmt so nicht ganz, denn das erste Bergrennen am Berninapass fand bereits 1929 statt. Aber es ist das zweite Rennen der ‚Neuzeit‘, 2015 fand der erste Bernina Gran Turismo statt, wir haben darüber berichtet. Auch ist der Event grösser geworden, es haben deutlich mehr Teilnehmer ihre Fahrzeuge ins Engadin und Puschlav gebracht, nämlich 52 an der Zahl. Als Besonderheit war noch eine Motorradgruppe am Start, aber nur als Demo, eine Zeitmessung gab es nicht. Die Verhältnisse wurden zunehmend schwieriger und ab Samstagnachmittag verzichteten die Motorradfahrer auf weitere Läufe. Ein vernünftiger Entscheid im Namen der Sicherheit.


2015: Bernina Gran Turismo (CH)

Viel wusste man im Vorfeld über diese Veranstaltung nicht und fast zufällig erfuhren wir vom Vorhaben, am Berninapass ein Rennen auszutragen. Wir machten uns also auf die Suche nach Informationen und wurden auch fündig. Unter dem Namen Bernina Gran Turismo soll tatsächlich ein dreitägiger Event stattfinden und zwar am ersten Oktoberwochenende.


Bernina GT 2016, scatti d’autore: quando le classic car diventano poesia)



Il Bernina Gran Turismo è arrivato a Poschiavo – Foto

Da venerdì 2 a domenica 4 ottobre le nostre strade hanno ospitato il Bernina Gran Turismo AG, un evento creato da un gruppo di appassionati di auto d’epoca dell’Engadina, con l’obiettivo di celebrare le gare disputate nella zona di St. Moritz tra il 1920 e 1930.


Bernina Gran Turismo

Gli organizzatori, per questo primo appuntamento, hanno deciso di creare qualcosa di diverso dai tanti raduni per auto d’epoca, con numeri più raccolti, tanta qualità e divertimento. L’obiettivo è quello di mixare la sofisticazione che ha caratterizzato per più di un secolo tutti gli eventi organizzati a St. Moritz, con la semplice e forte passione che unisce i collezionisti, a prescindere dal valore delle loro automobili.