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For Spectators we have made two Spectators areas which are shown in the maps below. The different ways to arrive are either by Train or Car. A Shuttle Bus will be available to drive people up and down the Bernina Pass (when the road is open) in order for people to change Spectators area.

Both area’s will have Catering stands by Laudinella where you can enjoy an array of cold and hot beverages and food.  Please come and enjoy the local food either outside with the cars or inside in the Bernina Ospizio.


Transport Map

Please click on the Image on the left or download the PDF to see information on how to get to Bernina Gran Turismo. Included are train and bus times to arrive to the event. For more information to arrive or depart the event please go to: www.postauto.ch or www.rhb.ch

Download bus map and timetable

Spectators Viewing Area

North Spectators Area (Albergo Ospizio Bernina):

Ospizio - North Spectators Area - Bernina Gran Turismo

South Spectators Area (La Rösa, Poschiavo):

La Rösa - South Spectators Area - Bernina Gran Turismo

Paddock Area

Paddock Area - Bernina Gran Turismo