The race

Draft program

Sample Program for Bernina Gran Turismo 2017


  • 9.00 am – 2.00 pm: Free Arrival of Participants, Administrative Checks and Technical Scrutineering, Accreditation
  • 3.00 pm: Drive through form Bernina Ospizio – St. Moritz – Celerina – Pontresina – B. Ospizio
  • 7.00 pm / 8.00 pm: Drivers Meeting and Official Dinner


  • 7.40 am – 11.20 am: Practice #1 and #2
  • 1.40 pm – 5.20 pm:  Race #1 and #2


  • 7.40 am – 11.20 am: Race #3 and #4
  • from 12.00 pm: Drive down to Poschiavo and Prize Giving Ceremony



In response to a campaign launched by a number of pioneers of tourism in the Engadine, the first ‚International St. Moritz Automobile Week‘ took place in 1929. It was intended to attract guests to the beautiful holiday region during the summer season as well. And this just four years after the canton of Grison had abolished the general ban on driving motor cars on public roads. This was the time when the automobile history of the Engadine had yet to be written.

The core of the ‚International St. Moritz Automobile Week‘ was the ‚Bernina Mountain Race‘ for the Grand Prix of the Bernina. The mountain race over a distance of roughly 16.5km has been won by such legendary drivers as Hans Stuck in an Austro-Daimler ADR 3.0 (1929) and Louis Chiron driving a Bugatti T47 (1930).

Another attraction of the event was the ‚Kilomètre lancé‘, an acceleration race over a distance of one kilometre on a road between Punt Muragl and Samedan especially surfaced with asphalt by SHELL. The Shell Road (Shellstrasse) still bears the name today.

Historic Pictures


By Stephan A.

A triumph by nature

While the winter season at the White Turf sees daring skiers venturingn onto ice as they fearlessly take on the world’s only natural ice-turf, the summer season hosts the community of golfers, flanked by art lovers and world-class athletes. The holiday region of Engadine-St. Moritz boasts an average of 322 days of sunshine a year. No wonder. It lies on the balmy southern side of the Swiss Alps at an altitude of 1,800m, so to speak on the ‘roof of Europe’. The unique harmony between lakes and glaciers and a view of the highest peaks in the Eastern Alps has earned the region the reputation worldwide of the ‘banqueting hall of the Alps’.

St. Moritz and Pontresina

The fashionable centre of the Engadine is iconic. Its name is protected as a quality brand and stands for exclusiveness, elegance and style. What makes Pontresina so special is its masterly mix: Typical old Engadine houses next to imposing edifices from the Edwardian era interspersed with monolithic buildings all welcome those returning after a day spent high in the Bernina Mountains.

St Moritz - Bernina Gran Turismo - Photo by mendhak
Valposchiavo - Bernina Granturismo - Photo by Davide-Oliva

The Valposchiavo

The southernmost of the 150 valleys in the Canton of Grison has one of Switzerland‘s most beautiful contrasts: During a journey across the Bernina Pass, merely 25km as the crow flies, visitors will encounter glaciers in the Engadine and vineyards in the Italian-speaking Valposchiavo. A true holiday paradise bordered on three sides by Italy with an unmistakable pinch of Italianità.

The combination makes the difference

Breathtaking landscapes, first-class hotels, outstanding gastronomy, authenticity and hospitality – only topped by tradition perfectly blended with today‘s avant-garde. The best hotels in Switzerland welcome visitors to the region where they can look forward to wining and dining at its finest as well as service and amenities that leave nothing to be desired.

St Moritz2 Photo by Mendhak

Team pictures

Marco Makaus
Marco lives between Milano and La Punt, and has spend many years working in the automotive industry and playing with old cars.
He has some experience in the organisation of Classic Cars Events, having been CEO of 1000 Miglia since 2013.
Ana Engelhorn
Ana lived many years in Switzerland where she ran a Restaurant and Bar with another Local Colleague. She then went to live in Barcelona where she did a Course in Business Administration and another in Social Media and Community Management. She is currently working for us taking care of anything relating to Drivers, Marketing and Sponsors.
Luca Moiso
Luca Moiso
After some years working for a communication agency, he has been the Mille Miglia Project Manager. He then realized only Bernina Grand Prix could really feed his passion for classic cars and you can now easily find him around the Bernina Pass, when he’s not living in Turin.
Florian Seidl
Florian Seidl spends his life advising collectors worldwide on classic cars.
He is living with his family in Munich while trying to find time to use his own classic cars.
Bernina Gran Turismo is a matter of heart for him, waiting to put the throttle down towards Bernina.